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I have, over the course of the years, collected a good deal of genealogical data on our particular branches of the Foster and Neale families, and also a fairly large collection of family photographs.

As I had a website that was not being used, I thought that it might be a place to store this information - and at the same time make it available to other interested family members. It is hoped that this will assist any member of the family wishing to know a little more about their antecedents - or those who may wish in the future to compile their own family tree.

A word of explanation is maybe necessary. As I am a Foster, and originally started research on that side of my family, this site bears a natural bias towards the Foster line in some areas, but that should in no way detract from the importance of the Neales - or indeed any of the other families mentioned - in our collective history.

The material on the site covers the period from the late 18th Century, through the 19th, to around the middle of the 20th Century. It was felt that this was far enough to provide a foundation for anyone wishing to carry their particular branch of the family tree forward to the present day.

The convention of using only first names for everyone has been adopted, but their family relationships can usually be quickly established by the context the name is in, or by reference to the various Family Trees provided.

The site will be amended and updated from time to time, as new information comes to light - and if anyone wishes to correct or add anything, then that will also be readily incorporated.

The bad news is that I didn't find a single King or ultra-rich Industrialist amongst the whole lot. So our joint dreams of claiming a Kingdom, or a vast, hitherto forgotten legacy, will just have to remain on hold for a while. But in the meantime we have some records in a reasonably convenient and accessible location.

Ray Foster