This Gallery covers the period from 1878 to 1936, starting with Keziah Holliday, who was the:

  • Mother of Lydia
  • Grandmother of Pearl
  • Great-grandmother of Ivor, Michael, Jill, and Ray
  • Great-great-grandmother of Lynne, Diane, Carol, Susan, Andrew, Christopher, Lesley, and Marcus

Kezia Holliday c1878


Lydia and William Holliday c1882


Lydia Holliday c1884



 Lydia (centre) and friends c1895



Lydia Holliday c1896



Holliday family c1898: William, Lydia, Kezia, Wlliam, Charles, Emily


Pearl at six months, in 1903


Lydia (centre) with her sisters, Alice (left) and Emily - and her children, Pearl, Cyril, and Roy, in September, 1907. And no, I have no idea what that is on Alice's head.


Pearl in 1908


Pearl (back row with ribbons in hair) with schoolmates in 1914


Pearl c1922


Tom Foster in 1908 - aged 17


Tom and Pearl in 1927, with Pearl's sister Cherry, and mother Lydia


Tom and Pearl at Southsea in May, 1936. As they walk along, they are watching the Queen Mary - then the world's largest and most advanced liner - making her way out to sea from Southampton on her maiden voyage