PEARL FOSTER 1902 - 2006

This website is, of course, historical in nature, and we last recorded Pearl with her very young grandchildren. But her central role in the family continued for a further three decades until her 104th year, and it was felt fitting that in Pearl’s case that extended period be recorded also.

Pearl was the glue that bound the family together, and the conduit through which most family news passed. As her grandchildren grew up, and in many cases had children of their own, it was through Pearl that much of the family first heard the news. It was because of her that many of us in England met with our nieces and cousins and their spouses and children, from Canada and California. And it was often because of Pearl that members of the family in England gathered, and caught up on family news.

This gallery is intended to record some of those visits and gatherings, and to stimulate our individual and collective memories.


With Carol (left), Derek, and Lesley











With Diane

















With Lynn

















With Joe and Eve













With nephew, Roy














With children, Jill and Ray

















With grandchildren (and some great-grandchildren)

















And with us all together
Back row, standing: Derek, Michael, Kathleen, Ray
Middle row, seated: Lesley,Jill, Pearl, Marcus, Andrew
Front, seated on floor: Christopher, Susan
And Canada on the wall to the left














Sharon, Pearl, and Marcus, on the occasion of Pearl's 100th Birthday














The Queen's 100th Birthday card to Pearl

















The Queen's message

















Aged 102, with son Ray